Hi! I’m Rachel Tey, author of the middle-grade fantasy adventure series, Tea in Pajamas and Tea in Pajamas: Beyond Belzerac, and “The Midnight Mission” in the anthology A View of the Stars: Stories of Love (Felix Cheong and Anitha Pillai, eds). I also occasionally contribute opinion pieces and commentaries to the news media. I am an Editorial Director, a part-time University lecturer, and a creative writing instructor via Sing Lit Station and the Singapore Book Council. I was awarded the NAC grant in 2015, was a speaker at the Singapore Writers Festival 2016, and my books have been presented at the London and Frankfurt Bookfairs. I live in Singapore with my husband (who illustrated my books) and two children, and I’m working towards publishing several short stories and my new novella.

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21 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rachel
    Hope you got the email I sent you a couple of days back. Look forward to hearing from you. Enjoyed reading some of the ‘Parts’ you have written.


  2. Dear Rachel,
    I’m a fellow writer who’s trying to manage writing a novel. I have read TIP and it’s a really beautiful little book with a whimsical theme.
    Do you have any writing tips?

    ~ Rae Lin


  3. Hi, you came to my sch just now. Can i just ask what section of local bookstores can i find your books? anyway, my name is Marsya from 3B @ WPS.


  4. Hey Marsya, thanks for your interest! Seems to be stocked at either of these sections usually: Intermediate Readers, Young Adult, Fiction, Asian Books (depends on the bookstore). Best to check with Info Counter! Enjoy the read xx


  5. Hi Rachel I’m doing a presentation about your amazing book and a would loveee a few infos about you as well here are a few things I’d love to know
    -Where you were born
    -How old are you/your birthday
    -a few Infos on your general life/childhood

    That’s is thank you so much Rachel
    -Khadijah ❤️


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