I got the grant!

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Image via Pinterest

So after languishing in limbo for months and months, at least since this last entry, it’s time to spring into action once more. Just this week I received the good news that I received a modest grant from the National Arts Council for Tea in Pajamas!

The letter arrived at a time when I hadn’t been giving this project a whole lot of thought, or any at all. Since submitting the grant application in June, I’ve switched jobs, and like any newbie, it takes awhile to find your feet. So between that, and keeping up with the demands of raising two young children, opportunities (and inspiration) to write have been few and far between.

In truth, I sometimes even forget that I’m a writer—or why I even started. Or that it is one of very few things that makes me inexplicably happy.

This grant approval letter couldn’t be a sweeter reminder.


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