Tick Tock, goes the clock

Tick tock
Tea in Pajamas: one of its chapter openers

Tick, tock, goes the clock …

You may have been wondering what’s the latest with Tea in Pajamas. Presently, production is halted till the last quarter of the year because I’ve applied for a grant, the results of which will only be released in September. But why only now, and why at all?

Well it took me this long to edit the proofs to a standard I am (just barely) satisfied with, and as production chugged along, the mounting costs involved finally became a reality an “indie author” like myself could no longer ignore. As they say, everything adds up—when I eventually sat myself down to do my sums, I quickly realized how naively ambitious (or ambitiously naive?) I’d been in assuming I could pay for pre- and post-production expenses 100% out-of-pocket, however modest.

Though I dread having to push back publication—indeed every time I announce a delay, rather than building anticipation, it’s akin to releasing that little bit more air from my very immodest balloon of self-promotion—any form of financial aid would greatly help.

So the question now, I suppose, isn’t “Why wait?” but “Why not wait?”

If more patience (on my part) could buy me some funding—or if not, some perspective—what are a couple more months in the grand scheme of things? My little road towards getting Tea in Pajamas published has been paved with its fair share of bumps, but it’s also given me pause for thought—and a chance to take stock and reconsider my options.

During this time, I’ve also had the wonderful fortune of meeting and exchanging ideas with several publishing insiders. Though things are still very much up in the air at the moment, the experience has left me wondering about possibilities beyond the “indie” publishing route, if not for Tea in Pajamas this time, then, God willing, perhaps for future titles in the making.

Anyway, I do hope those who’ve journeyed this far with me will stick around just a little more until Tea in Pajamas materializes into a paperback novel and e-book! With or without the grant, be assured I am toiling hard to put out a finished product that is polished and has a worthy message to convey.