Q&A Monday: Andy Mulberry

The blogging world can be vast and wide and it is a boon to discover a community of people who share a similar interest, namely writing. Since I started this blog, it has been interesting to be a part of a lively group of mostly like-minded individuals who are passionate about writing and reading, and who are by and large welcoming and generous with their advice and experience with fellow writers on the same journey. But on rarer occasions, you stumble on the blog of someone whose personality is so sparkling, whose posts are so entertaining you want to bookmark their site almost immediately because you know for certain you’d want to check back constantly—and what do you know, they happen to be authors too. Andy Mulberry has one of these blogs.

A writer of middle-grade fiction, she’s already published two books in her Skycastle series, and a third instalment is due for release in early 2015. Because she has such an engaging, sassy writing style, I was surprised when she revealed in a recent post that she’s fairly new to the whole blogging game. Maybe I felt a certain affinity with this “working mom by day and writer by night” whose books involve “strange adventures, odd characters and mysterious circumstances,” but I thought, if she was only just getting started, boy am I eager to hang around for what’s to come. She’s also awfully nice. After exchanging a few friendly emails, she graciously accepted my invitation for a Q&A.

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Andy Mulberry

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Q&A Monday: A Poet from Sweden

In this week’s Q&A Monday, we’re thrilled to feature poet and script-writer, Dean Fraser-Phillips. Dean and I used to belong to the same online journaling community back before the term “blogging” was even coined. Through a shared interest in writing, we came to be friends in real life too. Originally from the UK, Dean recently moved to Sweden, where he is now based. He shares his extraordinary journey with us.

Dean FP

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Q&A Mondays: Melanie Lee

Reading Rachel is officially kicking off a series called Q&A Mondays, which profiles people in various professions. For this week, I’m very proud to feature Melanie Lee, a Singapore-based author. She and I were colleagues many moons ago at a public relations firm, our first jobs upon graduation. Melanie went on to work in various industries before deciding to devote herself to writing full-time. She lives with her photographer husband and 2½ year-old son Christian in Singapore.


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