Character profile: Monsieur L’Arbre


Who: Monsieur L’Arbre

What: A legendary 2,000-year-old-tree. Said to possess clairvoyant powers. Believed to lead lost travelers back to safety.

Where: Sighted at various locations within the Sapphire Forest. Typically preceded by a blanket of golden leaves.

Distinctive features: Towering, enigmatic presence. Vines that dangle from branches and creepers that obscure its enormous trunk in an intricate maze. Large and imposing; around 200 meters tall. Incandescent glow. Able to move at will.

Concept development: artwork progression from a rough sketch to more detailed cross-hatching to the addition of grey tones.


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Character profile: The Musicians


Following an earlier post featuring the Character Profile of Julien Hedgehog, I’d like to introduce a set of characters in the novel, collectively known as The Musicians.

Who: A string quartet, whose members include (from left to right):

  • François the Fox, first violinist
  • Nicole the Nightingale, second violinist
  • Simone the Squirrel, violist
  • Raymond the Rabbit, cellist

What: Hear ye, hear ye. It is believed that their music is so beautiful and beguiling, “it entices the listener to seek its origin … and thence, disappear into oblivion.” Said to be malevolent creatures responsible for mysterious disappearances of Belzeracians (villagers of Belzerac).

Where: Deep in the Sapphire Forest, though no one can pinpoint an exact location.

Repertoire: Not limited to a single composer or defined by a musical era.

Quirks: Physically robust and tall—the height of an average 9 year old child. Formally attired and polished in appearance. Soft-spoken with impeccable manners. Endless rehearsals. Perpetually “concert-ready.” Never off-key and always in perfect time. No other known hobbies.

Book progress: We’re chugging ahead full-steam! The above illustration is based on a first draft, though revisions on the remaining sketches are underway. I expect the complete set of drawings to be finalized this week and thereafter comes the fun bit—cover art!

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Character Profile: Julien Hedgehog

As part of my ongoing book progress updates, I’ll be introducing some characters from the story.

To start with, here’s a preliminary sketch and bio of Julien Hedgehog (né Edgehawk). When I first wrote him into the plot, I hadn’t intended for Julien to play a major role in the events and development of the book. However, as the chapters progressed, I found that his character had an interesting voice and even lent a certain richness to the overall theme of friendship that I wanted to convey. Hence, Julien came to be one of the book’s main characters.

Incidentally, or coincidentally, both my designer and artist chose to zoom in on Julien’s chapter in their first layout drafts and sketches, the latest of which I am sharing below.

Perhaps there is something about Julien Hedgehog.


Name: Julien Edgehawk

Nicknames: Julien Hedgehog, Daggerhead, Spiky Spud

Age: 11

Star sign: Leo

Born: Suffingshire, currently resides in Michelmont

Family: Parents, three older brothers

Studies at: Lutetia Elementary School for Boys and Girls

Status: New boy in town/at school

First friends: Belle Marie, Tess Brown

Distinctive features: Naturally spiky hair, stormy grey eyes, photographic memory

Favorite subjects: Math, Geography, World History

Likes:  Punctuality, map-reading, canoeing, afternoon siestas

Dislikes: Bullies, impoliteness, groundless theories

Aspires to be: A cartographer or historian

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