Cover art: Boat or Teacup?

Hi! So I can’t quite decide which visual to use for the cover of Tea in Pajamas. The first was my original idea, and it’s taken from an actual scene in one of the chapters, while the second is a more recent inspiration. Decisions, decisions…

Would love to hear from you! Please take the poll to share which you prefer.

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Artwork by Joseph Tey

Artwork progress: Part 2

Yes, the book project is still alive! Sorry for the lag in between updates. Life, well, got in the way.

Artwork is being improved and gray tones have been added to hitherto black-and-white line art drawings. Here’s a sneak peak at some recent pieces (not in chapter sequence). Two more to go until we hit the home stretch.

Getting there, slowly but surely… Tea in Pajamas, you will soon see the light of day, I promise!



Character profile: Monsieur L’Arbre


Who: Monsieur L’Arbre

What: A legendary 2,000-year-old-tree. Said to possess clairvoyant powers. Believed to lead lost travelers back to safety.

Where: Sighted at various locations within the Sapphire Forest. Typically preceded by a blanket of golden leaves.

Distinctive features: Towering, enigmatic presence. Vines that dangle from branches and creepers that obscure its enormous trunk in an intricate maze. Large and imposing; around 200 meters tall. Incandescent glow. Able to move at will.

Concept development: artwork progression from a rough sketch to more detailed cross-hatching to the addition of grey tones.


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