Character profile: The Musicians


Following an earlier post featuring the Character Profile of Julien Hedgehog, I’d like to introduce a set of characters in the novel, collectively known as The Musicians.

Who: A string quartet, whose members include (from left to right):

  • François the Fox, first violinist
  • Nicole the Nightingale, second violinist
  • Simone the Squirrel, violist
  • Raymond the Rabbit, cellist

What: Hear ye, hear ye. It is believed that their music is so beautiful and beguiling, “it entices the listener to seek its origin … and thence, disappear into oblivion.” Said to be malevolent creatures responsible for mysterious disappearances of Belzeracians (villagers of Belzerac).

Where: Deep in the Sapphire Forest, though no one can pinpoint an exact location.

Repertoire: Not limited to a single composer or defined by a musical era.

Quirks: Physically robust and tall—the height of an average 9 year old child. Formally attired and polished in appearance. Soft-spoken with impeccable manners. Endless rehearsals. Perpetually “concert-ready.” Never off-key and always in perfect time. No other known hobbies.

Book progress: We’re chugging ahead full-steam! The above illustration is based on a first draft, though revisions on the remaining sketches are underway. I expect the complete set of drawings to be finalized this week and thereafter comes the fun bit—cover art!

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